What is a Carry Crew really?

So first some sad news. One month ago my middle daughter who is 9 years old was diagnosed with Leukemia – type ALL. After about 8 years of thinking about ways to help people during hard times, I suddenly became the person in the hard times. I brought my daughter in for a fever and possible sinus infection – and WHAM! I find out only a few hours later that she has Leukemia. I pray that you never have to experience the true Hell my husband and I immediately dropped into. But after a month of rigorous chemo, we are so very thankful and encouraged to see that her body is responding really well to the chemo. Praise God! The hitch, however, is that she still has 6 more months of very rigorous chemo and then 2 years of minimal chemo. But now that I’ve caught you up on our situation, I wanted to share the following post I shared on my personal Facebook page. Hopefully you’ll see how you can lift up your friends and family who are suffering with just a simple text or phone call. We don’t have to do all the helping on our own, but together we can really make a difference. Just like the difference our Carry Crew is making for us.

My Facebook Post:
“Many of you have generously asked me if you could set up a Carry Crew for us. (If you have no idea what I am talking about, check out my website site about this program at https://www.carrycrew.com )

My first response has been something like, “That is so very nice and perhaps …” but I haven’t been able to think of enough practical help that we need to justify my previously defined “Carry Crew” — A crew of volunteers who demonstrate love and support by helping with tangible support like meals or yard care.

Because my husband and I are fortunately capable of doing most of the things that need to get done around the house, our main need is have help with our two other girls. Fortunately, we’ve also had many of you offer and help with these two as well. So I didn’t really think we needed a Carry Crew.

But tonight as I’ve been re-reading all of the amazing cards and pictures we’ve received and as I’ve been sorting through the extremely generous amounts of gift cards for groceries and more — I was hit by the obvious.

We already have a Carry Crew. It may not look the same as our original Carry Crew, “Team Jim,” but it’s just as comprehensive and just as essential to our day-to-day coping during this very scary time. I always have said the bottom line of The Carry Crew Concept is to remind someone who is hurt or suffering that they are not alone in the suffering. And WE know with absolute certainty that we are not a family of 5 struggling through this battle alone … Instead, thanks to you all, we know we are just one of a multitude fighting for our daughter … and we are getting a virtual group hug at every moment! In every day of this journey, we are being carried by you … by every text, voice mail, card, picture, gift card, Facebook comment or like, gift, high five, hug, laughter and even through shared tears.

So as we brace ourselves for another chemo round lasting 57 days that starts Tuesday, we are thankful for you and our Carry Crew.”

So thank you for being there for your friends and family. And thank you for being with our family through your prayers and presence. Keep caring and carry on!

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