Stress can break your heart, literally

Stress is a crazy thing. Many of you may know I have Alopecia, which means I am actually bald. (Yes, I am the woman on the cover of my book! I didn’t know any other bald woman who would be crazy enough to put her bald head on my book cover!) 🙂

Anyway, back to stress. I do have spotty hair growth still, and about 10 days after Gracie got diagnosed with Leukemia I realized a circle of hair at the top of my head had actually turned from white to brown! The stress from my daughter having cancer actually must have suppressed my immune system enough to change my Alopecia, which is an auto-immune disorder.

A friend of mine who is normally really healthy experienced scary chest pains a few months ago while in a regular meeting at work. He hadn’t had any discomfort and then, WHAM! He seriously wondered if he was having a heart attack so he fortunately went to a local ER. Luckily, all his heart tests were normal, but he was pretty sure it was a physical symptom of the severe mental stress his family was going through at the time.
This reminded me about a real medical disease nicknamed “Broken heart syndrome.” It’s also called stress-induced cardiomyopathy and can even strike otherwise healthy folks.

So, yes, stress can cause some crazy things. If you are stressed out like most of us, let’s all commit to taking more time outs and setting more personal limits. We need to do more meditating, exercising, praying, singing, dancing or whatever it is that makes our hearts happy … and apparently healthy, too!

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