Stars are only visible in the darkness

Picture being thrown into complete darkness. Your eyes are open, but you can’t see a thing. Fear grips your heart, and your breath quickens. You are confused at best and terrified at worst. You feel alone and have no idea what to do or how to find your way to the light.

Then, slowly – excruciatingly slowly – your eyes begin to adapt to the darkness. Suddenly, you begin to see tiny pinpricks of light, piercing through the black. Second by second, the lights multiply, and you realize they are stars. After a few moments, you begin to see patterns among the stars and can even recognize some of the constellations.

Before you know it, your heart begins a more steady, slower beat and your breathing slows down. You begin to feel like you know where you are and where you need to go. You begin to feel a presence alongside you. You are not alone. You feel calm. You feel capable. You feel strong. You will use the stars to guide you, just as navigators have used the stars through out history to find their way home. You will find your way home.

And when you do, you’ll remember the stars – the ones that saved you … the lightness you could only see in the dark.

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