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Contact us for information on in-person trainings, and please share these resources with your friends, pastors, teachers, neighbors, nurses, doctors, etc., so everyone will get the help they need.  Carry On!


What are people saying about The Carry Crew Concept?

Dr. Janet Forbes, head pastor of St. Luke’s United Methodist Church, Highlands Ranch, Co.:
“Give caring people a direct, hands-on way to care. Carry on in relationships that are sustainable over time.”

Shelley Hitt, Team Jim Carry Crew Chef:
“A big part of the success of Team Jim is good leadership and organization of The Carry Crew Concept. Lots of people are willing to contribute if someone just takes the lead.”

Rev. Steve Goodier, District Superintendent, Rocky Mountain United Methodist Conference:
“What I like about this program is that it lays out a simple step-by-step process for volunteers to make an important difference in the lives of chronically ill people and their loved ones. It addresses basic needs and empowers volunteers to help – really help – people in need by walking alongside them and sharing some of the load. (This is work we pastors just can’t do.) I hope churches will grab this book as quickly as possible and begin to organize their crews right away. It’s a tremendous program for any church.”

Mary Jane Harmony, Hope United Methodist Church’s Caring Ministry Chair:
“Our church invited Elizabeth to conduct training on The Carry Crew Concept. She was delightful, and we are implementing our first Carry Crew now at Hope UMC. The concept and the tools make so much sense.”

Sherry Niermann, Team Jim Carry Crew Co-Founder:
“I urge you to consider integrating the Carry Crew model into your caring response. I participated in the initial response to Jim’s battle with ALS … watched a team of caring folks take on all sorts of roles in order to lift up the family, help with the children and Lecia, and basically become the hands of the Holy in the lives of this family.”

Kim Joseph, Carry Crew Care Recipient:
“The Carry Crew Concept couldn’t be more appropriated titled. It is truly the crew that carries you through a time when you need all the help you can get. When our life took a sudden change in direction, our Carry Crew has made and continues to make the detour much more manageable.”

Angela Brega, Team Jim Grocery Runner:
“I first joined Team Jim to help out a friend. I am glad to know that we are making life easier for them. It’s also a great lesson for my 8-year-old daughter, Valaire, who has gone on every shopping trip with me!”

Marjorie Lell, Team Jim House Cleaner:
“I signed up to help Jim and Lecia’s family because I could use everyday skills to assist the family and give them time to focus on more important issues than cleaning a kitchen. I have enjoyed getting to know the family and doing a task that leaves visible evidence of my caring for them.”

Jo Ann Schomerus, Team Jim Chef:
“The reason I signed up for the provision of meals for Jim and Lecia’s family is that seven years prior I experienced a serious medical anomaly that took many months for a diagnosis, treatment, therapy and rehabilitation.

During the year long journey and process, many wonderful friends and neighbors helped me and my husband with meals, transportation, and other needs.

Those gestures of kindness in the preparation and delivery of meals to us was so appreciated, and we will be forever grateful. I really enjoy cooking and experiencing new recipes, so I am delighted to help in my small way.

Each time I prepare a meal for Jim and Lecia’s family, neighbors in need, or the ladies in my flight attendant retirement club, Clipped Wings, I think of all the many generosities extended to my family during a difficult time.”

Lori DeLue, Team Jim House Cleaner:
“I signed up to help … to feel useful in a situation that was out of my control. I had read “Tuesdays with Morrie” several years ago, and I knew Jim having ALS would become increasingly difficult for Jim, Lecia and the family.

I thought any little thing that I could possibly do to help would be one less thing they had to worry about. I like that I can be a friend and a helper when they need it most.”

Autumn Crowell, Team Jim House Cleaner:
“I signed up because I like Lecia, and I knew that she would need the extra help. I was hoping that in helping her with her household chores, she could spend that time with Jim with what time they had left with each other. It seemed there was never a question of if I was going to help, but when and how.”

Leslie Boose, Team Jim House Cleaner:
“The main reason I signed up for Team Jim is that my Dad had ALS, and I know how hard it is on the family. Jim and Lecia’s family needs a lot of help to have some normalcy in their lives.

I admire the way Lecia and Jim are giving the boys a real childhood and not a childhood centered around Jim’s disease.”

Art Moore, Team Jim Co-Founder:
“I kind of came into Team Jim through the back door. After hearing about Jim and Lecia needing to move to a more handicap-accessible home, I volunteered to help fix up their new home, provided landscape work and other projects. I also volunteered to help the nurse provide Jim with his exercises.

As I have come to know Jim and his sense of humor, it has also become a time of give-and-take with our own brand of humor.

When I told Jim about a balsa wood model plane I was putting together and described my putting sanding sealer on the model in the confines of our basement with the paint fumes wafting about, he got a big grin on his face.

The next day I received an email from Jim with an article attached about how older people were sniffling glue to get high! My involvement with “Team Jim” has been a gentle, growing experience of time shared, a journey taken, and a friend found.”

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