Keep the Captain steering the ship and not cleaning the decks

Here’s the 2nd way to build a rockin’ Carry Crew to help friends during hard times — Every Carry Crew must have a captain whose primary responsibilities are to lead, unite the crew, and act as the point of contact for the family you are helping. Believe it or not – once you set up your Carry Crew, this person should spend only an hour or so a week on managing the crew. It is a great role for someone who enjoys leadership and project organization over cooking! (Like me … :))

The key point here, though, is that it is ESSENTIAL that this captain remain only the captain. Fight the temptation to step in to replace every missing volunteer … if the captain tries to fill in every missing need, your captain will quickly become a very tired, burned out and possibly bitter captain. This type of captain is no use to anyone. Keep your captain focused on steering the ship and not cleaning the decks …

Keep caring and carry on!

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