Do you know someone who is experiencing hard times – such as an accident or illness – that are preventing them from caring for their family?

You know they need help, but you don’t know how to help them? You are not alone! It’s a question many people ask. The Carry Crew Concept will equip you to easily build a crew of volunteers to offer the practical help they need, fast.


Elizabeth A. Billups developed The Carry Crew Concept to help her friend, Jim, who had been diagnosed with a terminal illness called ALS or Lou Gehrig’s Disease. Together with about two dozen amazing volunteers, this Carry Crew provided support services for the family — such as house cleaning, meal delivery, grocery shopping, and yard work — throughout the last five years of Jim’s devastating illness. The generous and dedicated volunteers of Team Jim were able to show hands-on love to Jim’s family amidst a terrifying storm.

The Carry Crew Concept, by Elizabeth A. Billups, is available on amazon.com. With this book, people worldwide can learn the simple steps of creating their own Carry Crew so they can provide the practical help their friends desperately need. Imagine it: No more feelings of wanting to help, but not knowing how. No more people needing help, but not getting it. It may sound like a dream, but it could be reality.

Workbook and In-Person Training & Consultation

In addition to the original book, a companion guide called The Carry Crew Concept WORKBOOK, is also available on amazon.com. These resources along with in-person training and consultation are available to help your church or organization simplify and improve the way you care for members and others in your midst. The Workbook and training offers group exercises that prepare Crew Captains to navigate the delicate complexities of caring for a family who is suffering. Contact me for more information on how I can help meet the specific needs of your church or organization.

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Please tell your friends and family about The Carry Crew Concept so everyone will get the help they need! Carry On!

About the Author

Elizabeth A. Billups is the founder and author of The Carry Crew Concept. She also developed and captained the very first Carry Crew, called Team Jim, to help her friend who had ALS. She lives with her husband and family in Highlands Ranch, Colorado.


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